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Flirting with Danger

Flirting with Danger (Samantha Jellicoe #1) - Suzanne Enoch

This is the second time I've read this and it was still a lot of fun. The suspense part moves along nicely and is complex enough to keep my interest even on a second read. I'd forgotten most of the details this time around, it was probably 500+ books ago that I read this before.


Sam was a great character, a lot of the time the skilled and competent-at-her-profession h meets the H and suddenly all her skills and intelligence disappears in a puff of pheromones so the H can save her and look suitably heroic. That doesn't happen in Flirting with Danger. Sam handles pretty much every challenge thrown at her and she does it well. And Richard actually respects her abilities even though he's not wild about how she uses them as thief. Which was a relationship dynamic I really liked. The story is pretty light, this one doesn't really fit as a romantic suspense -which is where I'd otherwise want to shelve it given the storyline- since while there is action and some peril the story never gets very dark or terribly well... suspenseful. But it's still makes for a fun, fast moving read. Good cure for angst overdose.