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Knight Awakened

Knight Awakened - Coreene Callahan

It's set in a fantasy version of Transylvania in 1331 and the characters use phrases like "exit strategy", "define the variables", "clue you in", and "doesn't do random". Those are all direct quotes. The whole book is like this. Cover to cover anachronisms, really really blatantly stupidly obvious anachronisms. It's just sort of embarrassing to read. You expect the characters to pull out smart phones and order pizza or Chinese food after a hard day. The dialog and the way they think and act is so relentlessly modern I wondered why she bothered setting it in the 1300s if she wasn't going to make any effort to actually set it in the 1300s. Just because the world includes magic and dragons isn't an excuse for sloppy writing. And this book is nothing but sloppy writing.


I had a similar issue with her first Dragonfury book. Mainly that it was full of really obnoxious slang and irritating speech patterns. I just can't stand the way Callahan writes dialog. Which is too bad because she has some neat story ideas I'd like to read. But not if the characters do any talking. At all. Ever. Definitely an author who's style doesn't work for me, not going to try any more of her books.


If you don't care about this sort of thing the book might be a fun read. Totally ruined it for me though.