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Time Waits

Time Waits - C.B. Lewis


I loved this one, OMG so happy to find a good time-travel romance. I love the idea of time-travel books, but it's really hard to find ones -especially in the romance genre rather than straight up fantasy or scifi- that actually handle it well. Time Waits does it wonderfully. I can see some people maybe being a little put off by the fact that both MCs (Dieter in particular) are  foulmouthed snarky bastards but it worked so well for me. I love that sort of character and here I got two! And beyond a shared tendency for sarcasm and profanity they've both got very distinct personalities that set them apart from each other and which dovetail nicely together. I loved them both and a lot of their interactions gave me a huge grin. The mechanics of time-travel are largely left unexplained beyond 'we've made a very high tech machine that does it' but the implications of time travel both moral and practical are explored in the story and create some fascinating depth to the plot. I'll be honest this one also really works for me because it aligns pretty neatly with what I've always thought seemed to make sense in terms of changing history, particularly to avert major events like wars.

I'm definitely going to be looking for more from this author, now she just needs to publish more. Preferably lots and right now.