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Touch Me Gently - J.R. Loveless

This one made me really uncomfortable.

One of the MCs, Kayden, was repeatedly raped and tortured by his stepfather after the death of his mother when he was a child.  Putting this behind spoiler tags even though it's obvious from the very beginning.

(show spoiler)

Kayden is 19 at the time of the story and the other MC Logan is 28. The problem I had was the story constantly emphasizes the age difference, frequently calling Logan the "older man" while Kayden is referred to as a teenager a lot. Like a lot, a lot.  Logan frequently thinks of him as a "teen" or "boy" including during intimate moments.

Yuck yuck yuck.  Considering that Kayden was abused for years by a pedophile framing his relationship with Logan in terms meant to draw attention to his youth particularly in contrast to Logan's age at 28 seemed really distasteful.


I could maaayybe (though honestly, probably not) get past that if the rest of the book was any good but it really isn't.  I can't think of one element of it that I liked enough to salvage even a little of it for me. I can think of lots of other ways I didn't like it though.


Ran some searches on my kindle just to see those terms were as prevalent as I thought.

111 results for 'boy'

31 'teenager'

23 'teen'

4 'young man'

27 'younger man'