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A Demon Does It Better

A Demon Does It Better - Linda Wisdom This one felt like it took too light a view of what should have been a fairly dark storyline. All the magical stuff was fluffy and light and goofy. And then you have the conflict part of the storyline which has the inmates of the hospital asylum being severely abused and experimented on by the doctors and staff.
Add in the main character Lili being an idiot who fumbles her way through the whole story and completely fails to bridge the two aspects and things just don't mesh well.

This could have been a good dark paranormal if most of the magical stuff had been less cute and fuzzy and happy feelings.
Or it could have been a nice light funny paranormal romance if the parts with the asylum had been something significantly less dark. None of the descriptions were as graphic as it could have been, it's mostly 'off stage' as it were. But hinting pretty obviously that one of the patients has just been beaten and raped by the guards isn't actually any better than coming out and saying that is what happened in terms of making it clear this is a really awful situation. As it was, the cuteness of the magic and the shopping trips and talking cat was jarring against the torture, abuse, and blood sacrifice that made up the other part of the story. Is it supposed to be funny? Or what?
Because going from patients being tortured in a secret ward to Cleopatra reincarnated as a cat bitching about not getting more expensive cat food and giving Lili advice about her sex life..... I don't know, I'm all for gallows humor but that wasn't what this was, it was just weird.